Do you want to stay in Thailand for a longer period?

Student visas in Phuket

Learn how to get a retirement visa and stay in Thailand for a year

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Allows you to live in Thailand for 1 year

Possible visa extension without leaving Thailand

You can leave the country and return back by issuing a re-entery

Quick and simple visa processing

Specifics of obtaining a retirement visa and requirements for candidates

  • Age over 50 years old
  • First, a visa must be issued at the embassy in your country of citizenship for 90 days, and then extended at the immigration office for 1 year
  • A valid Thai bank account with a minimum balance of 800,000 THB ($26,000) is required

How is the visa process? Retirement visa!

  • International passport, which will be valid for another 6 months after entering Thailand.
  • Two photographs 4x6 cm in size on a white background (taken at school);
  • Two indoor photos, also taken at the school;
  • An open account with Bangkok Bank or Krungsri Bank. The minimum account balance is 800,000 baht (equivalent to $26,000).
  • If there is no required amount, no problem. We will help resolve this issue.

The price of retirement visas at IQ School

The cost of any visa includes consultation, verification of documents and filling out applications, submission of documents to the Phuket immigration office and delivery of a passport with a visa.

15 month: 45 000 THB

re-application for 12 month: 33 000 THB

Retirement visa restrictions

Each type of visa has certain restrictions that you need to be aware of. A retirement visa has only one such restriction - it does not give the right to work in Thailand.

For official employment in Thailand, you need a work permit. We can help you obtain a permit as part of a business visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Documents for a retirement visa must be submitted 30-35 days before the expiration of the previous visa or stamp
We will review your application within 24 hours from the moment you apply.

Visa processing after signing the contract takes 20 days
  • Foreign passport with a validity period of 1 year
  • Waist deep photo on a light background
  • Bank statement of at least 800,000 baht
  • Departure Card (Form TM6)
We guarantee a money refund if we do not deliver the visa within the time period established by the contract
We are always ready to help our clients with any questions. Contact us!

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